Abraham Zarate (Guadalajara, 1990) reflects on originality to test the limits and possibilities of technology and painting where image processing itself becomes the main subject. Using a digital vocabulary to link, filter or strip-down references from social media and art history, Zarate explores the limits of autoreferentiality and reproductibility to depict the painting space of a digital image –would it be the photograph of a painting sourced from internet or an image from Instagram or Mercado Libre- that translates into a reflection of the context in which we see and sequentially understand images through technology and/or painting. Mixing references from Arts and Crafts, social media, illustration and art history, Zarate also questions the effects of the aesthetization of the digital space on painting itself, learning processes and the construction of artistic identity.


    Abraham Zárate Salum
    33 3127 3974
    Guadalajara, Jalisco, México